Watch: How to make wine out of grapefruit


Though most people think of grapes when they think of wine, the alcoholic beverage can be made from nearly any fruit.

In the video below, eHow shows how to make wine using grapefruit.

Vic Bourassa, Owner of Bourassa Vineyards and Winery, explains the first step is to extract the juice from the grapefruit.

The grapefruit juice is then added to an equal portion of grape juice, plus a syrup made from sugar and water. The mixture is inoculated with yeast so that it will ferment.

The mixture is fermented in a carboy or demijohn, and racked after five days.

“Grapefruit wine is actually very true to the flavor of the fruit even combined with grapes or anything else that you might decide to combine it with,” Anna Maria Knapp, Owner of Celebrations Wine Club says.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: